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Launch your new website in as little as 7 business days.

For attorneys who work smarter, not harder.

Why settle for a slow and tedious process when it comes to your website? We offer smart solutions that allow you to grow your online presence quickly & efficiently.

Client Focused

We’ve carefully considered who your high value prospects or referrals are, how they will find your website, what they expect to see, and what they want to experience as they research competing firms.

Attorney Focused

We’ve also carefully considered you, the firm owner, and the many ways you will market your site, as well as the future updates and changes you will need as your firm grows and technology evolves.


Go live on the web in as little as one week with our premium templates.

Affordable, premium templates that help you look and perform your best you on the web.

Beautiful, 'Ready-To-Go' Templates

Our premium templates allow you to go live on the web quickly without sacrificing quality or time.
We'll help you find a website template that best aligns with your goals for the website.

Strategic, Conversion-Driven Designs

Every design decision we make is backed by best practices and proven strategies to give users the best possible experience on your site - ultimately driving up your conversions.

Customization Services Included

Our website packages include 7 hours of design customizations. We'll help you get your website design to perfectly portray your brand.

Optimized for Mobile, Tablets, & Desktop

Your website will look amazing regardless of the user's device they are browsing on.

ADA Compliant

Our websites are optimized for accessibility purposes.

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Start generating higher-qualified leads with strategic pages and features.

Our website packages include done for you templates of all of the pages proven to help attorneys market on their site.

Create Landing Pages For Services

Easily add dedicated landing pages for each practice area of your firm with call to actions and lead forms.

Create Attorney Profile Pages

Showcase your team of attorneys with dedicated pages highlighting head shots, bios, credentials and more.

Upload Case Studies/Results

Case results are a great tool to establish trust and authority with your website visitors. Each case result can have a dedicated landing page with call to actions and lead generation forms. 

Testimonials Integrations

Like case results, testimonials are another great way to establish trust and authority. We offer a custom testimonial manager or google reviews plugin.

Upload Office Locations

Have multiple office locations? Easily add contact info for each office, hours of operation, along with google maps integrations so website visitors can easily find where you are located

Create Categorized Blog Posts

Provide resources to your website visitors with a fully integrated blog.  Easily group different content with dedicate blog categories. Every blog post will have optional call to actions, dedicated lead generation forms, and integrated social share buttons - allowing visitors to easily share your content across different social platforms.

Live Chat

Chat with your website visitors in real time through powerful chat widgets on your website.

Custom Integrations

We’ll integrate other custom software and tools depending on your needs to maximize the functionality of your website.

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Easily manage all of your website content without the hassle or stress.

You don't need 'tech skills' or have to rely on a developer to keep your website up to date.

Upload Content To Your Site

Upload content to your website with ease. No design skills, tech skills, or developers are required.

Uploading content to your site is as simple as completing backend forms.

Edit Content On Your Site

Editing or updating content on your website is super simple with a point and click interface allowing you to make changes to your website in seconds.

Complete Ownership

The website and content are yours to own. We charge flat rate prices, and transfer the website to you once it's completed.

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Go live quickly & beautifully with our website templates.

Designed Specifically For Law

Strategically designed to help attorneys and law firms stand out, and cut through the noise.

Optimized For Success

Optimized with best practices for conversions, SEO, mobile-responsiveness, & accessability.

Flexible & Customizable

We'll customize your website to represent the look and feel of your firm's brand.

Go Live In As Little As 1 Week

Skip long development timelines and launch your website fast with our premium templates.

Generate higher quality leads with strategic pages and features built-in.

Our websites include strategic pages and features every firm owner needs to be successful online.


Attorney Profile Pages

Showcase your talented staff with a beautiful "team" page as well as dedicated pages for each staff member.

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Practice Area & Service Pages

Generate higher-quality leads with detailed pages for your different practice areas and services.

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Case Results/Client Success Story Pages

Showcase past case results or client success stories to help establish authority and gain trust with your website visitors

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Blog/Resources Pages

Easily create relevant and organized content to keep people coming back to your website.

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Google Reviews Integration

Google Reviews can automatically publish on your website as they come in.

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Google Maps Integration

Make it easy for website visitors to easily find your locations and get directions.

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Live Chat

Communicate with your website visitors in real time. Get notified and keep conversations going on your computer or smart phone.

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Custom Integrations

If you need additional features, pages, or functionality thats not already included in our websites, our dev team will work with you to build the custom solutions you need.


Effortlessly manage your website content.

Managing you website content shouldn't be a hassle. We make it easy for you or anyone on your staff to create marketing pages, upload content and edit website content efficiently.

Launch Your Website Fast With Our Premium Templates

Beautiful, Conversion-Focused Web Design

Easily Manage Your Website Content In Minutes

Complete Ownership Of Website & Content

Flat-Rate, Competitive Pricing Options

Friendly & Responsive
Customer Support

Working with Core Web Solutions has been nothing but a pleasure. Before they shifted focus to law websites, I hired them to develop websites for all three of my companies. Each time they knocked it out of the park. Highly recommend.

Daniel P.

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with Core Web Solutions. I recently had my new website completed by them. I have to say that they are absolutely brilliant. If you're looking for a level of commitment, combined with dedication and professionalism, look no further. Thank you so much.

Michael M.

After a terrible experience with my previous website agency, Core Web Solutions was a breath of fresh air. They were extremely professional, communicative. I'm so happy with not only the design of my website, but also how easy it is for me to manage!

Nicole M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the website?

You own your website and content. Once completed, your website will be transferred to your possession. Future design or functionality updates can be done by us or any developer of your choosing.

How does pricing work?

We charge affordable flat-rate prices for our websites. Pricing varies based off packages/needs.

The only monthly costs for web hosting fees range from $16/mo to $45/mo based on your needs/requirements. Schedule a demo today to learn more about our pricing

Can I upload and edit the website content on my own?

Yes! Managing your website content is super easy - no 'tech-skills' or developers required. Our websites integrate with Webflow's Content Management System – The easiest and most intuitive CMS on the market. Schedule a demo to see how easy it can be to update your website content.

Can you create content for my website?

Yes! Our team if experienced copywriters can create the copy for your website. We'll gather the necessary information about your practice to create compelling content for your site.

How long does the process take?

Websites can be ready to go live within 1-2 weeks. Timelines can very based on how much content is needed for the site.

Will my website be optimized for search engines? (SEO)

Yes! Our websites follow all best practices for Search Engine Optimization. We also offer SEO services as well. Schedule a demo to learn more our SEO services.

What types attorneys and firms do you work with?

We work with all types of lawyers and firms. Regardless of what field of practice you are in, or how big or small your firm is – we have a website solution for you.

Can my website integrate with my CRM?

Most likely – yes! This can vary depending on if the CRM/software you are using allows for integrations. Schedule a demo today to find out if your CRM/software is compatible.

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